My sister asked me.............?!

Question: My sister asked me..............?
Im in collage and I came back for the weekend
my sister, who is 12, askes me what sex is!
how should I tell her
ps. my parents dont talk sex so I figured out on my own when I was 14

I think my little sister should know because she said, health class starts in a week.

pss. im 21Health Question & Answer

The more she knows before being shocked hearing about it the first time in class would help. I'm sure she'll hear all sorts of things from other kids too, but they may not all be true or wise information.
It's unfortunate your parents can't talk to her about it. If they insist on not doing it, then you would be a very good big sister if you can talk to your sister about it since she probably looks up to you and trusts you.

If you can get one of those simple sex talk books that has pictures and you can sit down and read through it with her and you telling her about it so she can ask you questions. Having something like a book to look at that you both can focus on can help take away some of the tension and anxiety.Health Question & Answer

Just tell her, she needs to know something before she walks into health class. Just remember how you may have felt that your parents didn't explain to you. Im a Mother of 3 and am almost 40. My parents didn't tell me anything either, my brother did. I was glad that it was him instead of someone else. My kids know that they can com and ask me anything. Id rather be the one.Health Question & Answer

u mite just want to tell her the truth or tell your parents to tell her but ur rite u cant just leave it - she has 2 kno - health class mite be a good way for her to find out though

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I don't think you should disempower your parents by telling her without their consent. I think you should approach your parents and explain to them how you felt growing up learning about these things without their guidance.Health Question & Answer

well either way she's going to find out, and don't you think she'd rather hear it from her older sister than her sweaty, awkward health teacher (and i've had way too many of those, trust me.)Health Question & Answer

You should just sit her down and tell her. And then she'll be more prepared for Health. (Which will also fill in more details)Health Question & Answer

Well, you're parents should really talk to her about that, but I never got the talk about sex either. Health Question & Answer

Your parents should definitely talk to her about itHealth Question & Answer

tell her 12 is the age were everyone in school starts talking about it trust me she'll find out soon.. i think she would wanna know from her older sister! it wont hurt.. its a part of life.. :)Health Question & Answer

yea you should
i mean i knew about sex since i was like 11
so...Health Question & Answer

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