How do u get acid in the stomach ?!

Question: How do u get acid in the stomach .?
There's always acid in your stomach. It helps you digest your food, and it helps kill anything living that you swallow with your food. Your stomach can make extra acid when you eat certain foods, and sometimes that extra acid can irritate the lining of your stomach. If it's just a little acid, you can take sodium bicarbonate, Tums, or similar medication. These contain alkali, which cancels out acid. If you have a more serious problem, there are other medicines that calm down your acid response, and you can avoid foods that add to the problem.Health Question & Answer

The stomach and even the mouth (saliva) produce acid. It is necessary for the digestion of food.

Sometimes the stomach produces an abundance of acid that is not needed. then the symptoms/problems begin.Health Question & Answer

if u eat too many acidic things like oranges, tomatoes, citrus, chilli, and so on. to get rid of it either drink "eno" or milk.Health Question & Answer

Acid can come from various foods. Foods can either be alkaline, or acidic. Health Question & Answer

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