Help!!!!!!! i have a question about Doxycycline? ?!

Question: Help!!!!!!! i have a question about Doxycycline.? .?
If you are having sex with your girlfriend and she might be pregnant and u take doxycycline for acne can the baby get birth defects from the doxycycline.?Health Question & Answer

If YOUR the one taking Doxycycline then no there will be no birth defects caused by the medication.
An anti-biotic can not change the cellular structure of sperm. And how the sperm and egg will divide up.

Even if mum was taking it and got pregnant the chance of birth defects occuring are slim.
That said if she did become pregnant while on the medication then she would need to cease it until she has spoken to her Doctor as anti-biotics tend to be avioded at all costs during pregnancy.Health Question & Answer

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