I drank a whole bottle of magnesium citrate how long till i... you know?!

Question: I drank a whole bottle of magnesium citrate how long till i... you know.?
I drank a whole bottle of magnesium citrate (a laxative) about an hour ago im not running to the bathroom yet how long does it take really the bottle says 1/2 hr to 6hrs but surely it doesn't take 6 hrs.Health Question & Answer

You'll soon have a blowout!Health Question & Answer

It can take that long, depending on how "plugged up" you are. The directions on the bottle state "take 1/2 bottle and if no results in 4 hours, take the other half". Plan on some serious diarrhea from taking the whole bottle when everything starts moving. Then, to prevent it from happening again, increase your water intake daily and add fresh fruit and raw/cooked vegetables to your daily diet.Health Question & Answer

This may sound weird, but what might help it along is if you lay on your back, push your legs up in the air, holding your back with your hands and staying like that for about 10 minutes. My brother did that a long time ago and it worked very well.Health Question & Answer

Probably 2-3 more hours. If you really wanted to go quickly you should take Epsom's Salts. Put a couple tablespoons in 1/2 glass of water and within 1/2 hour you will be in the bathroom pretty much all day. It will really clean you out. Try it next time.Health Question & Answer

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