Perscription Medication Questions?!

Question: Perscription Medication Questions.?
Well, this may not be too easy to explain without explaining my situation. So for starters.

I wasn't feeling well the other night. So i went to the E.R It was about 9 P.m. Once I got there and waited. They asked a few questions then took a CBC and CPB.? (not sure if it's CPB) But the point is they found Very low potassium levels and EXTREMLY low Sodium levels. They say my electrolytes are out of whack and they have to get it back up. So they gave me Potassium Chloride drink and kept me overnight hooked to a I.V to give me my sodium. They gave me 1300 ML Sodium and then checked my levels again. My sodium was brought up to normal levels but my potassium was a little bit low, so they gave me another thing of potassium to drink. After that they released me. I wasn't feeling well all night so I was up and didn't sleep. They released me at about 9 a.m So I came home from a hour long drive and it was my first I.V and my first time having blood drawn. Well I fell asleep when i got home and woke up late. I have a 2 1/2 month old daughter so she kept waking me, but other than that it was the best sleep i got, but still a little tired. So They perscribed Potassium Chloride 10% liquid form and I am not to take it till later today. But I've been feeling weird. nothing major, though my heart did race once for a little while then stopped. I do have slight cramping, but nothing unusual. I even had that at the hospital. Probably cause I was sitting most the time. But I have been feeling odd. So i called the pharmacist, she was clueless and told me to call poison control or go to the E.R if i'm really concerned. I'm not THAT concerned they wouldn't of released me until my levels were normal and fine. But I was still a little cautious just in case cause I did eat afterwards so i might of gotten too much potassium which is just as bad. The poison control said I was fine but if I am worried go to the E.R Naturally if your ever worried you should. But he said I was fine. I am a little short of breath and I have something like a boil on the top of my hand that formed. I'm not sure if it's a bite from a bug cause I was being bitten when I was asleep, or if it's an allergic reaction or my body isn't doing well and still rejecting the i.v and rapid change. I'm not worried, I just want to know what i'm dealing with is all. Health Question & Answer

Well, I am not an expert by any means, so as long as you understand that, I will give you the best advice I can..

If the boil-like thing happened where the I.V. was inserted, it most likely is an irritation effect or possibly an infection. If it isn't where it the IV was inserted, then it's probably a bite or something else..

Now for your sodium and potassium levels.. You should not have to take those supplements unless there is something else wrong with you.. Your body should be able to regulate your salinity, buy processing your sugars and salts properly. You can always eat a banana a day for your potassium needs, and if you eat enough food a day to not be hungry all the time, then you should be getting enough salts. If not, you can always add a bit of salt to your diet. Gatorade is something designed to replenish your electrolytes in your system, so next time this happens, save your money and time and drink a Gatorade or juice (like orange, cranberry, etc.) and eat something a bit salty.
Potassium chloride supplements shouldn't be necessary, unless, like i mentioned before, you have a more serious problem and can no longer regulate your levels anymore. It's more likely that you had a much less serious situation (like not intaking enough potassium and sodium in your diet), and the hospital just wanted to make a lot of money by giving you the complicated remedy.
Now, you say you have a 2 month old.. If you are breast-feeding, then this could happen due to your body preferring to give as much nourishment to your child than yourself... be sure you are taking vitamin supplements if you are breast-feeding, and drink plenty of water. But remember, your electrolytes levels could drop drastically if you drink too much water for the amount of food/vitamins/minerals you put in your body. Try to eat regularly and drink enough water, and you shouldn't have to worry about medications or KCl(Potassium chloride).

really, KCl is a salt, just like NaCl(sodium chloride, aka 'table salt'), while the electrolytes are the respective potassium and sodium ions contained in those salts.

The possible reasons you lost all your electrolytes are: working out/exercising, vomiting, diarrhea, intense sweating, intoxication or starvation(or insufficient nourishment).

I hope I have helped in some way; good luck and take care, both for you and your baby (I've got two, what a joy they are!)
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Pl. go back to the ER room where you were treated, since no one else can really understand what you were given and what else is wrong.

Best wishes. Health Question & Answer

what made you go to the hospital to begin with.? i've had nerve problems for a while now and my doctor always kept telling me i needed potassium because the hospital said my levels were low but they were barley low and it has never helped with me nerve endings but i never did get sick from the potassium but i defintly stopped taking potassium pills because they didnt do anything. you need to follow up with your doctor with your concerns and so he can do a check up with some tests etc. just to be sure they didnt miss something because really hospitals suck. where are you cramping because i had a numb foot when this started for me and it didnt go away for 6 months and my hands and feet cramp when i eat or drink the wrong things. the best thing i ever did was go on a fish and sushi diet with a tablespoon of cod liver oil a day but i went off of it when they said i didnt have MS but i still cant even drink a soda without my hands cramping. so i dont know if this helps but if you cramp like that or something its not normal and you should get it checked i cant cause i dont have money. bottom line make an appointment with your doc its not gonna hurt --------
oh yeah but um i drink A LOT and think this is the source of my problems so it could not be the same for youHealth Question & Answer

you sound like a tired mother, your heart is irregular because sodium and potassium are the most important electrolytes that regulate your heart, one works on the inside of the cells and one on the outside, they all haven't got the message yet..enough about that, take your meds the way you have been asked, get some oranges and banannas and drink plenty of water and gatoraide, if you still feel bad or get worse go back in...and get some one to give u a break with the baby.Good LuckHealth Question & Answer

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