Will niacin help me pass a drug test? i smoked 2 times this week. I have a test in like 2 weeks. ?!

Question: Will niacin help me pass a drug test.? i smoked 2 times this week. I have a test in like 2 weeks. .?
will niacin help me pass a test. I smoked pot.Health Question & Answer

Niacin won't help, but the two weeks will. Should be long enough unless you were smoking every day before this week, in which case it could take up to a month to clear.

But you can't smoke again before the test.

None of the stuff you hear about works. It's metabolites are stored in your liver. Can't get around that. Can't "flush" it out. Period.Health Question & Answer

You remind me of my little brother. Honestly you should quit that ****, nothing good comes of it and i know it totally doesn't matter that i said that, it won't sway your opinion on doing drugs or anything. I just have to say it so that i wont feel bad about answering your question.

Yes, Niacin will help you burn it out of your system.
You take one every day for 3-5 days and it will be totally out of your system for good unless you smoke more afterward. I know this is true because my brother used this to pass his court ordered drug tests.

*Note 1: Never EVER take more than one per day. It will make you feel horrible.

**Note 2: On the first day, right before you take it, i suggest you start filling your bath tub with cold water and ice. Once that stuff gets into your system it hits you like a ton of bricks. Flaming bricks.

Your skin turns red and you start to get really painfully hot and itchy (this goes away after a few hours). The more you take it though, the less painful this becomesHealth Question & Answer

STOP EATING THINGS! You do not eat things that aren't meant to be eaten.

What the Hell is wrong with ppl.?

Drink cranberry juice. It detoxifies.Health Question & Answer

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