What will be wrong with the next patient who arrives at my work?!

Question: What will be wrong with the next patient who arrives at my work.?
I work in an A+E (ER) dept.I am nightshift. Can you predict the problem with the next arrival either walking or in an ambulance.? 10 pts if anyone gets it.Health Question & Answer

COPD exacerbation.Health Question & Answer

chest pain, non radiating with shortness of breath. no diaphoresis, nausea or vomiting. with non productive cough.
serioulsy though i hope you have a decent night, cause the ER can get CRAZYHealth Question & Answer

and they say that medical staff are rushed off their feet...

at this time probably a injury incurred by being too intoxicated. (uk time)

Health Question & Answer

Uncontrollable vomiting due to food poisoning.Health Question & Answer

someone cut themself real bad

or they got shot by come crazy exHealth Question & Answer

I'd say either a high fever and or ear infection in a childHealth Question & Answer

he wil be drunk n crashed Health Question & Answer

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