How can i get to sleep faster?!

Question: How can i get to sleep faster.?
sometimes i can go to sleep just like that but yesterday i could not get to sleep i was just laying there with my eyes close and all that kept happening was i kept on like seeing things in my mind that i was not thinking of was sorta like i was dreaming but was not really dreaming get what i mean.? but i finally did go to sleep though anyways

i lay on my left side ( the side where your not laying on your heart)

so any tips to get me to go to sleep faster.? no i well not take any pills or anything

am age 13 and a girl. Health Question & Answer

Be aware that these type of things usually happens to adults. NOtice how infants and children get to sleep faster.? But adults and teenagers take ages to go sleep.?

It is quite normal for it to happen to all of us. I mean it happens to me plenty of times and it irritating especially if school is tomorrow.

Here are a few ways

-Change your sleeping time for one day. Sleep really late and then the next night after that you should feel really tired and need to go back to sleep. Not recommened for school nights. And then the cycle goes on without you sleeping late. Get the pictur.?

-Get more exercise. During the day if you do more sports and exercise your body will get more worn out and you will fall asleep faster. It is a win win situation because exercise give you endorphans which make you happy, make you stay fit and solves your problem of not sleeping.

-Read before you go to bed. Makes your eyes tired

-also, clear your head, don't think about things that are going to stay in mind. keep your mind blank so that you wil fall asleep easier.

-Change your diet. I think this helps. Keep your body healthy.

Thats all i can think of for nows. Take care!Health Question & Answer

a reason why you might not be able to fall asleep is because you're a teenager. teenager's internal clocks are set later at night than children's or adults. what you can do to help it is to eat a low sugar cereal before you go to bed. this snack has little protein and high calcium which will help you go to sleep. you shouldn't exercise or eat a meal at least 3 hours before going to bed. also, make sure that your homework is done at least an hour before you go to bed. if it takes you longer than 15 minutes to fall asleep, start to read, draw, write, anything that doesn't require a lot of energy.Health Question & Answer

I know what your going through, I have the same problem... these tend to help me...

1) spoon full of honey
2) warm milk
3)sleepy time tea or a
4) hot bath

they tend to work for me... good luck.Health Question & Answer

Drink some camomile tea and start unwinding before getting into the bed. Sometimes I take my tea and just sit quietly in my bed before actually laying down. I also read which puts me to sleep. Health Question & Answer

Wake up really early in the morning so that you'll be so tired at night.Health Question & Answer

reading a book for homework always makes me sleepy. lol.Health Question & Answer

drink milk at nightHealth Question & Answer

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