Headache as a sign of kidneys failure?!

Question: Headache as a sign of kidneys failure.?
a family member keep-ed complaining about headache and he now needs a kidney transplant.
very healthy person, very fit, didn't drink or smoke.
also is a anaemia also a symptom of kidney problems.?Health Question & Answer

Yes if the kidneys are not working correctly the accumulation of waste products can cause headaches. You would usually experience other symptoms alongside this though.

The kidney is also responsible for releasing erythropoeitin which is a hormone which stimulates red blood cell production. Long term kidney damage can lead to anaemia due to decreased erythropoeitin.

Since he was previously fit and healthy the most likley cause of his kidney failure is probably immune in nature. I.e immune complex deposition or an autoimmune attack of the glomerular basement membrane (goodpasture's syndrome)

I hope the transplant goes well. Health Question & Answer

Yeah it's normal.I'm on dialysis and was fit before hand.Your kidneys can pack up anytime.Headaches are due to high blood pressure caused by kidney failure.Anaemia is a lack of iron,also caused by the kidneys packing up.Get to the doctors,and get some blood pressure pills and they'll be ok.Health Question & Answer

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