How long are you put under for tonsils getting taken out? How long are you in the hospital? How long doe sit?!

Question: How long are you put under for tonsils getting taken out.? How long are you in the hospital.? How long doe sit.?
take to recover.?Health Question & Answer

you're not necessarily put out, it can be done with a local anesthesia. if it's a total anesthesia, it probably takes about 2h, and you can leave the hospital in 12 to 24hrs.
it takes about two to three weeks to heal completely, but a month or so to be able to eat all the stuff and even smoke.
the pain goes away after, say, 7 days.
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I was 18 when I had my tonsils taken out, was knocked completely out, stayed overnight in the hospital and went home. Had to be readmitted to hospital twice for hemorraging in my throat. It took me a month to recover. I couldn't eat anything hot or cold, everything had to be mushy and bland and room temperature.
Sorry to be such a downer, they said I was a rare case, usually it's a pretty minor surgery but it's a more common surgery for children, not adults. Health Question & Answer

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