What is this?? .......?!

Question: What is this.?.? ........?
I get dizzy spells and blackouts and when I get them my heart beats faster, and cannot walk because I kinda weaken almost, after about 15 seconds it stops. But when I get them I don't faint or fall. I had it for so long but its kinda annoying, I don't think its something serious because i've had it for so long. But maybe its something I eat, I do eat alot of chocolates and sugar and junk food... and also I don't have high blood pressure because I visit the Dr. regularly. I heard it could be that Im getting up to fast.?

Thanks so much (:Health Question & Answer

i fainted once when i was like 9 and ever science i have been having the same problem when i get up. i think it is because you dont have enought blood in your brain and your body does not know how to react to it...but dont count on my answer that is just what my brother saidHealth Question & Answer

Sounds like an anxiety or panic attack, these are common among people, and while you may not have high blood pressure... all those sweets could be causing high blood sugar which can easily give you dizzy spells, the junk food dosent help either.

I suggest you see a doctor and go over your diet, and every small detail of these "spells" you get. He will probably suggest eating less processed and fried foods. I recently went off these almost completely and I have so much more energy, those foods always made me feel slugeshed and tired. The same might be happening to you.

But when in doubt about your health, see a Doctor as I always say. Good luck to you. :)Health Question & Answer

Yeah i used to get those all the time too,its nothing serious. When your sitting down for such a long time and getting up suddenly all the blood basically rushes to your head and you feel weird and feel almost like your going to faint. But if you want to stop it i would just say try not sitting for really long durations and if you do don't get right up.

hope this helps =]Health Question & Answer

Could be but if you eat a lot of chocolates, that could do it too. Chocolate, coffee and coca cola is just loaded with caffeine and caffeine is a stimulant which will make your heart beat very fast. Try cutting your caffeine intake by at least half and see if that makes a difference. If not, then definitely mention it to your Dr and get him to do some blood tests. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

well, it is the way you eat of course. You pretty much answered your own question. :) What did the doc say about how you are eating.? What kind of foods do you eat when you are actually eating a meal.? I have an email, you can email me and tell me. Health Question & Answer

Ask your doctor if you are having a hyper glysemic reaction - this is a blood sugar problem.

By the way, try to get away from the candy and junk food. Try to establish good eating habits.Health Question & Answer

you should eat better you are doing havoc on your blood sugar and that will make you dizzyHealth Question & Answer

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your probably getting vertigo thats what my mom said tell your dr. and ask him if it is vertigoHealth Question & Answer

Traditional Chinese Medicine understands that there are several reasons for this case. It is not normal "because you've had it for so long". If anything this points to a congenital condition (passed on to you from your parents) or a dietary condition. These symptoms point to a higher probability of heart disease and stroke. This is something you need to have fixed as soon as possible.

Perspective on Fainting and Dizziness (pages 295 and 296):
.?id=7oCRSPXYS4YC&pg=PA296&dq=tcm+diagnosis+chinese+medicine+dizziness+faint#PPA295,M1" rel="nofollow">http://books.google.com/books.?id=7oCRSPX...

Go to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. The best ones are accredited by at least one of two national boards in a system of medicine that has been in practice for at very least 2000 years. I personally had the same symptom of dizziness upon standing and also had several fainting spells over a couple of years. Since I began treatment with a TCM doctor these have all gone away. Stay strict with their recommendations as you don't want to undo any progress they make with a taste of junkfood "just this once".


Until your visit comes, stay away from salty foods, fatty--oily--fried foods, coffee, tea, caffeine, soda, sugar, and cut back on meat consumption also. Ice cream and dairy are the ***devil*** to someone with your case of dizziness and fainting. Dairy creates excessive Phlegm in the body and if you've read that link above you'll see that is a cause in both Fainting and Dizziness.

Try to eat oats, whole grains, steamed vegetables, and only small amounts of fruits. If you try you'll find there is quite a variety.Health Question & Answer

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