Why don't they take tonsils out anymore?!

Question: Why don't they take tonsils out anymore.?
My tonsils are sore and I asked if I could get my tonsils taken out and my mom said they don't take tonsils out anymore.I asked why and she said she didn't know.So if you know the answer can you please tell me why.? Health Question & Answer

They now have new criteria for removal of tonsils.

They will remove them for frequent episodes of strep throat and if they are so large that they cause sleep apnea.

If you have had a sore throat for over 48 hours, particularly if you have no other symptoms, have a strep throat culture done at your doctor.

jldHealth Question & Answer

I had my tonsils out a very young age and as far as im aware it is STILL available on the NHS...your mother might want to research on the internet so you are both straight on the facts...

Good luckHealth Question & Answer

two years ago, my tonsils AND adenoids were removed.

Your mom is wrongHealth Question & Answer

im not sure. my tonsils are both the size of dimes and they stick out. i was wondering tooHealth Question & Answer

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