Why do i throw up after most of my meals?!

Question: Why do i throw up after most of my meals.?
I am not bulimic.... i do not stick anything down my throat. Ever since i was very young, maybe 5 i would throw up after most meals. But i didn't know any better. I dint know this wasn't normal.. let me remind you i was only about 5. I am now 13 and i guess i just stopped paying attention to it. It has gotten to the point where i feel it will not stop and i am sort of worried.I am 13 years old, am female,weigh 110 lb, and am 5 feet 4 inches. i don't want to tell my parents until i am sure something is even worth being worried about. Please if you have any information on this tell me. Don't tell me to see a doctor or any ridiculous comments because i want to find out most things before i go to a doctor. i hope you can help me. i need a serous answer.Health Question & Answer

I am a holistic doctor and am familiar with symptoms like yours. It sounds most like you have a food allergy. Since it started when you were young, it is probably an allergy to a common food such as dairy or gluten. Talk to your parents so you can get tested and find out exactly you are allergic to. It is not ridiculous to go see a doctor to get diagnosed and find out what is wrong with your digestion. The serious answer you seek is available.Health Question & Answer

Since 5 .?.?.?.?.?.?!!!!!!!!!!!

You don't want to tell your parents.?.?.?.?.?.?
Haven't they seen you throwing up for the last 8 years.?.?.?
Something fishy about this story.

See the doctor!!!

PS Your weight is on the thin side. Are you sure your not bullemic and don't want to say so.?Health Question & Answer

A serious answer is go to a doctor. Don't depend on the internet for your health!Health Question & Answer

Throwing up after eating is not normal, at all! Talk to your parent's.Health Question & Answer

my best friend used to throw up after every meal and then before bed every night as a kid. she finally got it under contol and shes 21! she had bad acid reflux disease, which is what you might have as well. she had to try out lots of meds and stuff to find one that helped. she know takes a pill about an hour before each meal and she is good. she just cant drink though, she will get sick even if she has one beer. but good luck and you will need to get this checked out because it can and probably has ruined the lining in your esophagus and will wear away the enamel on your teethHealth Question & Answer

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