Weird feeling when im high...?!

Question: Weird feeling when im high....?
When ever i get high i always get this weird body high, the only way i can describe it is like when you drop strait down on a roller coster and when you get that butterfly feeling in your stomac..anyways days after i smoke i still feel that sensation, i do take prozac for my anxiety but only when i think about it is when i feel it, what is going on.?Health Question & Answer

Well when people noramlly get high they get that feeling. But if you never got it before and am just now getting it, it seems like your stressing yourself out. Prozac is nasty stuff, I would never take it and I get anxiety attacks. the feeling like i'm dieing is better than the meds they want me on. But prozac turns you into what people like to call a "zombie" so it's a downer, and Weed does the same thing. Having 2 downers can really really mess up your brain. There could be something in your head wrong, the two not mixing, or something wrong. I would say see a doctor, most good ones won't tell about your illegal addiction, though if you live in cali, it's a misdameanor so you won't be arrested or anything. Doctors are more concerned with your health and money. And they can make money from you doing weed so don't worry too much. I would say yes, see a doctor. But if you've had this since you got high, it's probably just a big rush. Watch what type of weed you smoke also, some are stronger than others and they can really mix them up or add stuff unless you grow your own. I only know so much cause my father in law has a medicinal license and brags about it. he also grows his own so he sits bragging all day and we have to hear it or ignore him. Depends on my mood and my mp3 if it's charged lol.Health Question & Answer

You will get brain damage from doing antidepressants and smokin marijuana
I'm not just saying that, either

Stop the prozac and keep smokin weed
or lay off the weed and keep takin prozac but if you do both you will get brain damage this I will promise youHealth Question & Answer

You are on drugs. The illegal drugs may be potentiating your prescription medication. Skip the pot and talk with your doc.Health Question & Answer

ur high dumbshit it makes sense that ur feeling sickHealth Question & Answer


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