Was the weed laced with something?!

Question: Was the weed laced with something.?
i smoked weed for the first time last weekend. i took 8 hits from a gravity bong. i dont know if i smoked too much or if the weed was laced with something so any imput on what might have happened would be appreciated. here's what it felt like...

the first two hours felt good. my world was literally spinning moving back and forth, side to side. my vision was like if the lights were going on and off. i felt lightheaded and good, and i couldnt keep my hands off of the guy i was with. he was driving and it felt like a rollercoaster to me, and the lights outside were tripping me out. my thoughts were racing so fast; my friend would ask me a question and by the time i could think of a response i wouldnt answer because id already be thinking of something else. the passing of time was insane; i remember it being 11:31 and i looked back after what felt like an hour but it was only 11:33. when he turned the stereo on, i felt the color of the music and i was the music.

the last two hours was hell. we went for a walk (i could barely walk, i more like staggered) and i was so out of it that i forgot to lock the car door, and when we came back our phones we're gone. he asked what i wanted to do and at the time i didnt even care that our stuff had got stolen... all i wanted to do was sleep. i was intensely thirsty, not hungry at all, and my jaw was clenched and i was grinding my teeth. i felt like i was going to die and that the high would never wear off. i became really paranoid and accused my friend of stealing our stuff. i remember feeling like i was shaking and convulsing violently, but my friend said i was sitting perfectly still. i would also black out at intervals, like say something and not remember it a second later. towards the end of the high i couldnt keep my eyes open and had to fight passing out. the next day i felt hung over and had no appetite.

overall it was a horrible experience that i have no plans on repeating. are these feelings typical of smoking weed.? was it laced with something, or did i just smoke too much.? Health Question & Answer

well, usually people dont get that high when its their first time smoking weed. but maybe because you smoked a fair amount it had more of an impact on you. i think you also have to realize, that when its your first time smoking weed, you have this new experience thought out in your head how it could turn out, and when you smoke, it can be mental as to what your high outcome is. if you try smoking again make sure your'e in a good environment where you feel comfortable. the events that took place probly had an impact on the type of high you experienced. i doubt the weed was laced with somthing. that didnt sound to unordinary. you just got pretty high, and weird things happened, and it was your first time on a new drug that was introduced to your body, so you have to expect somthign wierd to happen. Health Question & Answer

Sounds laced! You should find new friends. Weed makes you a little slow, paranoid, and sometimes giggly. Usually will give you the munchies, but that sounds like ecstasy or acid. Health Question & Answer

No, I doubt there was anything wrong with your weed. It all sounds perfectly normal. People's reactions are a little different, but nothing there sounded out of the ordinary. Don't worry too much about it. Health Question & Answer

haha. sounds like normal weed to me. you probably just had a little more than you should have.Health Question & Answer

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