Blue streaky boobs?? really getting me down :(?!

Question: Blue streaky boobs.?.? really getting me down :(.?
my boobs are really veiny. i get like lots of blue veins going through them that are really visible. sometimes even going up to my shoulders - surely this isn't right.? how can i make the veins less noticeable - or even get rid of them.?!.?! thankyouu this would really help my self esteem xxxHealth Question & Answer

Get a tan.

Veins come to the surface naturally if your skin is too cold or if your core Temperature is too hot.Health Question & Answer

I am not sure if this is the healthiest way, but since your veins are so noticeable, you could try getting a tan or going tanning to make your skin darker so it won't be as noticeable. You can also put make up on your shoulders, I don't think that would be a good idea, (it would make your bra dirty) :-) . Hope this helps! Take care.Health Question & Answer

Yeah most women with white or light colored skin have this me too. Don't worry about it. No one cares except you. But I usually just go outside I live in a tropical place so the sun is always ready to toast me and that covers up the blue against the lighter skin. Dont worry about it people worry about stuff no one else sees pores, veins all that stuff. Health Question & Answer

Get a tan or use that thin lizzy stuff they show on tv.
To a guy like me it wouldn't be a problem.
But boobs are not high on my priority list in the qualities of a female.

I say don't be so concerned there are guys other there who really don't thikn of your visibly veiny boobs as a problem.Health Question & Answer

r u sure they're not just strech marks.?.? they'll probli go away soon but u cud always try using bio oil, its 4 help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. If ur so worried then maybe you should c a doctor, especially if they are painful. im sure u av nothin 2 worry about.
hope tht helps :)Health Question & Answer

i kinda have the same when i look in the mirrow...wear a push up will make them less visibleHealth Question & Answer

i like blue vein boobs......especially when i place my head between then as i go to sleepHealth Question & Answer

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