Is there any SAFE drug, that has the same high effects as LSD?Acid?!

Question: Is there any SAFE drug, that has the same high effects as LSD.?Acid.?
I really want to see what it's like to trip out on LSD.
But, it's dangers are to risky to mess up my life.
Is there any safe drug that reproduces the trips, without the after-dangers, such as tripping without even doing the drug, or traces.Health Question & Answer

LSD is the safest drug you will ever take. The "after-dangers" are 90% myth and 10% misunderstanding. But if you're such a worrybody, I wouldn't recommend taking LSD. You'd probably have a bad trip.

And just to be clear, no, there's nothing safer than LSD.Health Question & Answer

Salvia. It's legal (in most states) and has a similar effect. Be warned, while the effects have a similar hallucinogenic quality, it's much more powerful and the majority of people that try it have a bad experience.

Search YouTube for "salvia".Health Question & Answer

there are some hallucinogenics but idk if u get the same feeling. salvia divinorum.Health Question & Answer

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