When you have a cold or flu, what are some things you do to help feel better?!

Question: When you have a cold or flu, what are some things you do to help feel better.?
Aside from Chicken soup.? =)Health Question & Answer

i always watch disney movies while curled up on the couch with a quilt my mom made. whenever my room mates or boyfriend get sick i insist they do the same and it honestly helps! i also drink lots of tea (i get the fruity flavors, its not too bad) and you can put a cough drop in the tea, itll help clear you up if you have a cold. take some tylenol and get lots and lots of sleep. of course drink lots of liquids, but vitamin water seems to help too. Health Question & Answer

Start with some Zicam it won't eliminate it but prevent it from getting real bad. also take some vitamin c, echinacea (spell.? been while), anyway its an herb you can find it almost any store. It builds up the immune system. Probably best place to get it is health food store. You can also get it in teas or some cough drops. When I start feeling sick I do all of the above then I also take nyquil at night to help me rest better. Usually that takes care of it. If you really start to feel bad find more time to rest. That is what your body needs most. That is why you are becoming sick in the first place.

Hope you feel better.Health Question & Answer

Herbal Tea with Echinacea, Emergence (spelling.?), Alka Seltzer Flu, and lots of water.Health Question & Answer

warm your self --hot hot drink and eat heart cont ant--stay in the bed take some simple drugs ---do not date Health Question & Answer

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