Why Am I having bad Side Effects after I stopped taking Prednisone?!

Question: Why Am I having bad Side Effects after I stopped taking Prednisone.?
For the past 4 Month I have been on and off prescribed Prednisone. While Iam taking them I noticed that I have a lot of ENERGY even without much Sleep. The Problem comes a couple Days after stopping the Intake of Prednisone, I seem to get sick, and I wanna know if that is normal. The Side Effects range from not be able to sleep having Heart Palpitations, and even Panic Attacks. It happened already 3 Times, that I got sick Days after stopping Prednisone. Does anybody have had any similar Experience.? Or maybe Iam allergic to Prednisone.? Or is it possible that I eat or drank something that doesn't mix with Prednisone.? I just need to know if its normal to get sick after stopping a Co Steroid. Thanks!Health Question & Answer

Prednisone use shuts down your body's own production of natural prednisone called cortisol. The brain usually sends messages to your adrenal glands to produce cortisol. Taking prednisone inhibits those messages, so stopping the medication without tapering will cause you a temporary shortage so the symptoms you experienced are those of low cortisol.

What the other guy said is correct. You need to drop your dosage very gradually over the next weeks. So yeh if your taking 40mg you can even drop to 35 for a few days then 30 for a few more and so on. Or drop to 30 for a week then 20 for the next. This will allow those messages to your adrenal glands adjust to the new dosages so eventually your own production will take over.

To make this clear, you need cortisol in order to have a good immune system. Stopping the med abruptly will cause a lowered immune system for a few days and leave your body vulnerable to infections. In saying that, yes large doses of corticosteroids also depress the immune system. It's all about balance.Health Question & Answer

that happened to me too dont worry. its because prednisone shuts down your immune system. at least i think so. i had to take it cos i had a bad reaction to proactiv. my face was like 5 times its original size. and the doc said that prednisone shuts down the immune system and i may get sick. but it should go away. and i would stop taking them on and off like that. it could hurt you.Health Question & Answer

Dosage and duration of therapy are critical to the answer. I always had to taper off over days and even weeks. Try adjusting the dose by reducing the daily intake by 25% every 5 to 10 days. For example, If you are on 40/day drop to 30/day for a week before lowering it again.Health Question & Answer

its normal side effects and shouldn't last more than a weekHealth Question & Answer

what you had while taking your prednisone are bad "side effects". the symptoms you have when you are off your medication are called "withdrawal". it takes time to recover from med's like this, while your body releases the product that has accumulated. it can take a week or more to get past the worst of withdrawal symptoms, and three to six weeks before it is fully flushed out of your system. your medication was a higher dosage than necessary . good luck.Health Question & Answer

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