How can i start to...?!

Question: How can i start to....?
Lucid dream.?
That's something I've always wanted to do. But I never can..
How.?.?Health Question & Answer

in your real life, pick something to do everyday, multiple pluggin your nose and trying to breathe in....obviously you can't in real life, but in your dreams you will be able to. this is how you will know that you are dreaming when you get to that point.

first, start writing your dreams down EVERY night, more than once if you can. Set an alarm late/early at 3 am and write your dream that you were having.

try to think of things you want to dream about and do...soon you should be having lucid dreams.Health Question & Answer

What works for me is that I repeat in my mind the type of dream I would like to have as I lay falling asleep. Sometimes (if I feel like having a "bad" dream ) I'll eat some weird food like liver or something spicy. also, (since I've watched "Nightmare On Elm street") I feel that I can "control" my dream, or at least it's outcome. I would suggest though that you meditate on what you want to dream as you fall asleep.Health Question & Answer

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