I have a strange sensation in my throat...Why?!

Question: I have a strange sensation in my throat...Why.?

from yesterday im having a strange sensation in my throat its like wen u hav a tonsillectomy and the scabs are falling off nd it feels like something is scratching your throat wd a piece of wood...thats how it feels wen i swallow sumtimes and wen i speak........i had my tonsillectomy last year ..........so no tonsils...i have this feeling on the left side of the throat.plzz y is this.?
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It could be strep throat. Have someone smell your breath and if it's really bad, it could be a strep throat infection. Contrary to popular belief, you can have strep after your tonsils are removed.

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are you a smoker.? if so they take a break from the cigs for a while and see if it goes away, if your not then just go to the doctor and see what he saysHealth Question & Answer

perhaps ur getting an infection.Health Question & Answer

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