Can you ear affect balance and make you dizzy?!

Question: Can you ear affect balance and make you dizzy.?
well Im not dizzy just light headed when I move around,when Im sitting still Im ok but my ear has felt "blocked" for the past few days like when you get off a plane,that sort of feeling,could that have something to do with it.?i feel fine apart from that,no headache or nausea or anything elseHealth Question & Answer

Definitely yes. The ear has dual functions. One is for hearing and the other is for balance situated in the otitis intima. or vestibular system.
Inner ear: cochlea, vestibule, and semi-circular canals

Components of the inner ear
The inner ear includes both the organ of hearing (the cochlea) and a sense organ that is attuned to the effects of both gravity and motion (labyrinth or vestibular apparatus). The balance portion of the inner ear consists of three semi-circular canals and the vestibule.

When your Equilibrioception or sense of balance is interrupted it causes dizziness, disorientation and nausea. Balance can be upset by Meniere's disease, superior canal dehiscence syndrome, an inner ear infection, by a bad common cold affecting the head or a number of other medical conditions. It can also be temporarily disturbed by rapid and vigorous movement, for example riding on a merry-go-round.

Another cause might be BPPV- benign paroxysmal positional vertigo So avoid turning your head very fast. Before getting up from the bed - sit at the bedside first; so you can adjust Health Question & Answer

The inner ear has a snail-shaped organ that is connected to your brain and controls balance. It's filled with a liquid that sloshes around when you move and the reason you feel dizzy for example after spinning around and stopping, it's because the liquid in that organ is still moving and that tricks your brain into thinking that your actually moving still. So, ear problems CAN be the cause of it.Health Question & Answer

A few years ago I started having many, many dizzy spells. Many times even while sitting down or laying in bed the room spun uncontrollably. I was so worried that something really bad was wrong. Long story short, my doctor suggested that it was ear-related, and there was a thick buildup of wax in them. Had to have it removed at an ear doc. It wasn't very pleasant, but instantly stopped the problem. So, as everyone else is saying....see your doctor (and just to rule out any other serious problem as well) Even if you are not experiencing major dizziness, it probably is still ear-related. My symptoms started with being just light-headed as well.Health Question & Answer

YES -- EVERYBODY HAS A BALANCING APPARATUS CALLED COCHLEAR---THROUGH THE EAR DRUM BY SMALL BONES CALLED OSSICLES THE COCHLEAR IS CONNECTED---THE FLUID LO GED EAR or the blocked ear inter fears in the functions of the ossicles ----to keep the ear drum in position there is a balance between the external ear "ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE" and a channal connecting from the throat to middle ear-- when such a sophisticated mechanism blocked by fluid in the channal, the middle ear gets a blocked condition, DUE TO TH SAME ATMOSPHERIC PRESURE DOES NOT WORK AT THE CHANNAL CO0NNECTING THE MIDDLE EAR --SO ALL YOUR PROBLEMHealth Question & Answer

Yes that could be your ear. It's typically caused by a virus and its called vertigo. Vertigo could be mild (which it sounds like you have) to severe. The other cause could be low blood pressure. If you have a way to check your pressure, it would be a good idea just to be sure.Health Question & Answer

It is an imbalance in your inner ear. It could be due to blockage, or a mild ear infection. Sometimes the tiny bones of the inner ear move around and can cause dizziness, or a loss of balanceHealth Question & Answer

your inner ear has to do with your balance, but when your ears are "blocked" i don't think that goes as far as your inner ear... try taking some sudafed or another decongestant.Health Question & Answer

a inner ear infection can affect you balance. if it feels blocked could be earwax buildup need to have it removed but should not affect your balanceHealth Question & Answer

Yes there are tiny bone in the ear and somehow theyre connected to your sense of balance.Health Question & Answer

Yes especially with an ear infection go to your doc's to get your ears checked.Health Question & Answer

You could have the start of an inner ear infection, which will cause dizziness.Health Question & Answer

Absolutely. Inner ear troubles are the most common source of balance problems.Health Question & Answer

Yes, a blocked year or ear infection can affect your balance. See links belowHealth Question & Answer

yes it can disturb the equilibrium.Health Question & Answer

they can defiantly make you dizzy and of balance, you may need your ears syringed down to the doctors with you!Health Question & Answer

it's called vertigoHealth Question & Answer

yes all your balance is controlled by your inner ear Health Question & Answer

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