I'm always getting numbness then pins and needles in my feet?!

Question: I'm always getting numbness then pins and needles in my feet.?
when i sit on a high stool in science i get it at first it's numbness but it's painful then really bad pins and needles and after ages of rejusting my feet it goes away but when ever i sit on the floor i get it bad and quickly, is it anything to do with why my feet are always cold because they always only feel cold when i touch them even when i'm warm and anything like that. what's wrong and how do i stop it as it can sometimes get really bad and painful, i'm 13.Health Question & Answer

You owe it to yourself to rule out diabetics. It can strike at any age and will be increasingly harmful if ignored. If it is not diabetics, your doctor will be able to help you remedy this problem. I understand about not wanting to draw attention for something that might not be a big deal, but do not ignore this potential problem. With a family history it would be a good idea to have screenings done ever few years as you get older, as treatment can help minimize damage and slow the effects. So get checked out now. If you're good, go back in about four or five years and every five years after, unless sudden changes in your health warrant a closer look. Health Question & Answer

I believe that is from poor circulation. Try to get on a routine of walking or jogging everyday and that should help. More exercise in your life will make the blood flow better.
and ya, if it doesn't improve, go to the Dr. and get a check up.Health Question & Answer

First of all i am not a doctor but yu should see one. It is possible you could be showing symptoms of Diabetes. Lack of circulation in the extremity's is a sign.Health Question & Answer

i get the numbness and then the spikey pins n needles when i lean on my feet or sit in an akward position
i hate them spikey ones they make me wanna murder someone grrHealth Question & Answer

may be chilblains

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chilblain Health Question & Answer

could be growing pains; could be diabetes. Have the doctor check you out.Health Question & Answer

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