I need an answer to my question?!

Question: I need an answer to my question.?
I haven't taken a dump for a week. Is there any thing I can eat, or anything that will loosen my bowels.? Don't say laxatives. Health Question & Answer

This is not good. Try some stool softeners or prune juice. Add more fiber to your diet, lots of fruits and veges.Health Question & Answer

i have the same problem.. i have IBS...
i am on medication for it BUT
before that my doctor told me to eat AlOT of green veg, and brown bread.
hope this helps.Health Question & Answer

eat a whole pack of gum. the sorbitol in it is a diarhetic. Health Question & Answer

Try adding more fibre to your daily regiment of eating.Health Question & Answer

Prune juice and lots of water. You should see your doctor.Health Question & Answer

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