Will getting only 3/hrs of sleep each night kill me?!

Question: Will getting only 3/hrs of sleep each night kill me.?
On weekdays.. I get 3 hours of sleep each night. I am 14 years old.

I go to bed around 2 am and wake up around 5 am - that means I get 3 hours/night and out of 120 hours in a week, 15 are devoted to sleeping. (on a 5-day weekday). 60 hours of sleep/month for weekdays, but trust me - I sleep 14 hours on weekends!

I'm not happy with this schedule and I work at 2 AM, that's why I'm up. I'm not dropping out of school and

I know that I need to get to bed sooner, yes -- I am working on that, I want to know what will happen if this schedule keeps up.? Will I die.? ;o

Thanks!Health Question & Answer

Will it kill you.? No.

What it will do is effect your immune system, making you sick often. It will obviously make you sluggish and extremely tired during the day. You will feel less productive and get less acomplished. You will be less alert, and probably not get very good grades. It can also lead to depression.

I suggest finding more sleep time.Health Question & Answer

Make no mistake, it is a fact that "Lack of sleep can kill a person faster than lack of food"Health Question & Answer

Sleeping less will never kill a person though it will have harmful effect on health. Health Question & Answer

i think it can have a big impact on your mental health
you should quit that job or something
you need that sleepHealth Question & Answer

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