I sweat alot...and i wanna know what i can do so i wont.?!

Question: I sweat alot...and i wanna know what i can do so i wont..?
under my arms i sweat alot and it doesnt smell or anything its just uncomfortable because its wet and its annoying i dont know how to stop it i already bought secret clinical protection and i dont think you can get any better than that...so i dont know maybe theres some secret i can do or some thing i can put on so i dont sweat at all help.?Health Question & Answer

i have a sweat disorder

its called hyperhidrosis and my hands and feet sweat alot, i have to wring out my socks every day

i bought this product called driclor and it helps,alot, and also put on alot of deodorant. and if that doesn't help go to your nearest dermotologistHealth Question & Answer

hi well i heard on a famous tv show i dnt remember its name but if u get a botox injection on the armpit then u wont sweat . it sounds akward but it looked like it workedHealth Question & Answer

eat more fish and stay away from peanut butterHealth Question & Answer

tell ur doc to prescribe u hypecare it works greatHealth Question & Answer

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