DHE 45 self injections?!

Question: DHE 45 self injections.?
Ive been given a prescription for DHE 45 self injections aside from being expensive $180/5 injections Ive heard some rather horrific and deadly side effects, such as strokes, heart attacks, heart valvle disease and so on.
I was given the prescription because of my migraines and my inability to keep tablets down while having a migraine but honestly I'm worried to death about this medication not only have I NEVER had to inject myself with anything but the prospect of me having a stroke or heart attack isnt comforting either. Anyone here taken these injections or have any thoughts on this.Health Question & Answer

Unfortunately this is a risk that you take with all medications and their side effects. You have to decide if you'd rather suffer from a migraine, or stroke.? You can also look deeper into the side effects and many times you'll find that they occur to fewer than 1 percent of the population, and the effects are listed, but only as a formality.Health Question & Answer


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