Can urine actually freeze in your body?!

Question: Can urine actually freeze in your body.?
I thought this today, weird but, i was in the cold weather wind and rain, wearing a t-shirt only, stupidly, and very cold. After a while of being in the cold, walking, i then go to the bathroom, and i cant pee.... but i want to... its like stuck.
Is it actually possible for urine or anything for that matter, to freeze (due to drop in body temp or other) in your body.? Health Question & Answer

if you were cold enough to freeze your urine I am afraid you would already be dead.Health Question & Answer

If your core temperature dropped significantly you would die, but that would be in extreme conditions, while your heart is still beating your temperature will prevent body fluids from freezing.Health Question & Answer

LOL, no your pee can only freeze unless it is super cold then you would have been dead because were warm blooded if our blood Temperature goes below 37 degrees your dead.Health Question & Answer

yes unrine can freeze but it must be below zero degrees obviously and if the human body got that cold you would probably be DEADHealth Question & Answer

It could happen, but you'd have died of hypothermia long before it did.Health Question & Answer

Next time, why not dress appropriately for the weather .? A T shirt on a cold windy day is just dumbHealth Question & Answer

You would be dead if you were that cold.Health Question & Answer

No you would probably die if that happened

lol sparky xDHealth Question & Answer

its because you were too cold to use the energy to pee.Health Question & Answer

no your body temp remains the same if we froze inside we would all be in trouble.Health Question & Answer

lol can you imagine a large yellow block of ice coming out down there.?.?Health Question & Answer

noHealth Question & Answer

noHealth Question & Answer

only if you are dead
you need to get out more thinking about things like this Health Question & Answer

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