Can Pumpkin guts make you sick?!?!

Question: Can Pumpkin guts make you sick.?!.?
I was at my grandparents house and we were carving pumpkins and my uncle said to me, "I'll pay ya 5 bucks to eat a teaspoon full of pumpkin guts." Of course I took the challenge because I eat pumpkin guts anyways! So I was thinking in my head, "No problem I do this all the time." But when I eat pumpkin guts I only eat little strings of it, not a huge lump of it! So when I swallowed it my stomache started churning and I felt like I had gas! It only lasted for about 4 minutes and then I felt much better. Well as I type this RIGHT NOW my head feels like it just gained 10 pounds! And for some strange reason I feel really hungry after I JUST STUFFED MYSELF! And no..... I did not smoke pot! lol! Tell me if Pumpkin guts can make you sick.Health Question & Answer

Generally, no, but we usually cook our veggies to avoid any problems!

You should be fine, but I'd contact your Doc if you get any worse or still feel sick tomorrow.

Drink water and try to relax!Health Question & Answer

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well this crazy pumpkin came outta the ground so who knows
i dont think it would
you say you eat it already
so probly not but maybe a big lump is differentHealth Question & Answer

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