For marijuana smokers?!

Question: For marijuana smokers.?
ok sometimes when i smoke mj i feel relaxed and good. Most of the times though i smoke some chronic and after that ill be really silent and wont really talk to my friends unless they ask me something. i usually talk a lot when im not high and im a joy when im drunk lol. I see when my friends smoke though they still act pretty much the same when they are not high and are still talkative and energetic unlike me because i get really tired and paranoid when i smoke pot. is pot just not for me or what.? sometimes i also seem to get panic attacks or something because i might be driving and my heart really races and cant stop shaking. also the high seems to last me way longer than my friends.Health Question & Answer

Don't worry it happens to the best of us. If you have a lot on your mind and are a bit stressed out then this can happen. I know it happens to me sometimes, while other times it doesn't. I think it all depends on what mindset your currently in. Over time you'll realize when it may not be a good time to smoke because you know it won't be enjoyable for you. For instance I know that I can't get baked before going to a bar or other function, while some of my friends find it really enjoyable.

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ok well first off you becoming not talkative is you spacing out, its not that bad. I presume that you dont really smoke that often, that happens to most when they are new to it. also you should mayb not smoke as much, like when u start to get a decent body high just chill. the panic attacks happen to a lot of people its a fear that your going to get caught so my advice if you want to smoke dont be in the previous enviroments sit on the couch with your friends and watch like an epic movie like 300 or watch something funny family guy or adult swim. also just for a side note arizona iced tea or anything they make will be your friend.Health Question & Answer

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