Question to anyone that smokes pot recreationally?!

Question: Question to anyone that smokes pot recreationally.?
ok sometimes when i smoke mj i feel relaxed and good. Most of the times though i smoke some chronic and after that ill be really silent and wont really talk to my friends unless they ask me something. i usually talk a lot when im not high and im a joy when im drunk lol. I see when my friends smoke though they still act pretty much the same when they are not high and are still talkative and energetic unlike me because i get really tired and paranoid when i smoke pot. is pot just not for me or what.? sometimes i also seem to get panic attacks or something because i might be driving and my heart really races and cant stop shaking. also the high seems to last me way longer than my friends. any advice.?
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Smoking pot can promote paranoid thoughts, like evil forces are watching you and you need to hide. I was just listening to an interview with Steve Martin where he said that he totally quit using marijuana in the 60s because it made his panic attacks worse.

Some people feel the effects of pot longer than others. I'm usually over it in a day, but a friend of mine says he feels the effects for a week. It sounds like you're using it too much. You're relying on the happy and reckless feelings as a way to enjoy your friends, and your losing the ability to relate to them when you're straight. You should try cutting back, and forcing yourself to do things with your friends without using the crutch of pot.

Unless I misunderstood and you were talking about being withdrawn when you smoke a lot. The advice is the same there. You should limit your pot smoking to just a little bit. Going beyond that is no fun, so you shouldn't do it. It's always all right to say, "I've had enough" and stop at a reasonable level.

Personally, I smoke pot once in a blue moon, just when others around me are using it. I've never bought it for myself. I never use it when I have to work or do something important the next day. I always watch how much I use, after the going-away party I attended where they got me stoned to the gills and I did some really silly stuff that I'm not going to talk about.Health Question & Answer

ya u shouldnt be driving if u are on pot exspecially if your tolerance is not very high. It sounds like your tolerance is very low. Thats why u are getting paranoid and dont chat to much. I am the same way to. I get quiet and just listen to every one. I get a lil horny to im sorry to say that.Health Question & Answer

could be moldy, could have chemicals on it, u could have had too much, or u could just react bad to it. dont drive while intoxicated.Health Question & Answer

i hope you are not smoking and driving at the same time just calm down we are not watching you well not all the time Health Question & Answer

Any advise.? Why YES! Stop smoking pot. It sounds to me that you are not really even getting any enjoyment out of it. Plus who wants to sit around paranoid.? also did you know that if you get pulled over while "under the influence" of pot that you can be charged with a DUI / DWI.? Honestly the stuff messes up your memory, is horrible for your lungs, makes your testicles smaller, lowers your sperm count, not to mention it is illegal. I think you should make a list of all the positive things that using marijuana gives you in your life. Then make a list of all the negative things that marijuana causes in your life. Then compare the lists. I think you will find that there are MANY more negative aspects than positive.

I think I have one aspect for your positive list.
Positive- Transporting a paranoid high teenager to the hospital is SOO much fun for the paramedics!! Seriously I have so much fun freaking out high teenagers in the back of my ambulance!! It is my way of making sure the kid will never want to smoke weed again.

Usually the kid will say "I think I am dying". I then put my stethoscope on their chest, wait a couple seconds, then look up at them with a dead serious face and say, "Yes, you do seem to be dying." This is about the time they start freaking out. The cops on scene always seem to get a real kick out of this too...rofl.Health Question & Answer

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