I love weed and have a possible drug test how do i pass in lets say a day or so?!

Question: I love weed and have a possible drug test how do i pass in lets say a day or so.?
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Well there are some products online that you could buy if you had enough time. Although I can't say they actually work, I'd probably put my trust on them rather than a shot of vinegar. Or you could ask for somebody else's pee (that you know is clean) and try to cheat the test. My recommendation would be stop smoking it long before you're getting the test, the more you smoke a day, the more it'll take to disappear from your system. But I'm guessing it's too late for that. Good Luck!
EDIT: also be aware that some test do take pee temperature into account; so beware of taking someone else's pee. At least when I had to do mine that's how it went down. If it's a hair test you are screwed, there's a shampoo that supposedly helps you with this. Look for a trustworthy site, there might be a couple of recommended products depending on your test.Health Question & Answer

i have fam with your same situation all the time go to your local health store and look for niacin i think that's how its spelled get the 800mg tablets take 2 if you have a day in advance to take them great if not the fastest I've seen them work is 5 hours! your whole body is going to turn red like you just got sun burned:)) or just go drink some bleach and hope you don't die hope this helps:) ohh and you better hope there not testing for niacin also is so your ******
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A drug test is to indicate that one does not do drugs,Silly! So now you want help to cheat.? Time to Grow Up!!!! Maybe if you are honest and tell the tester that you have done weed,you might get a little break for speaking up. Own up to yourself.You deserve what you get. Go on from there and own your future. OK.? Make your family proud.Health Question & Answer

A great way to get rid of anything in your system is to buy from http://www.directdetox.com I have used them in the past and the service is awesome. Family run operation that understands how you feel and how much privacy is a concern. Fantastic place, I can't say enough about it! They have detox drinks to synthetics. They have home drug test kits too!Health Question & Answer

There is drink called flush. It can be purchased at the gym here where I live. You drink it in the monring and drink lots of water the day of the test. Your test will come out clean, it only lasts for like 12 hours after you take it.Health Question & Answer

Go find a time machine to take you back at least 3 weeks. Then, don't smoke until after your drug yest. Good luck to you.Health Question & Answer

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