Ways to warm up ?!

Question: Ways to warm up .?
I am soooo cold. I am wearing a lot of clothes and sitting in front of a heater. I've been this way all day and I can't seem to completely warm up. Health Question & Answer

socks and i alwa;ys throw a comforter in the dryer to warm it up and then drink some hot tea or coco and do something really distracting Health Question & Answer

u shud exercise.
do like 10 pushups and like try and reach 50 crunches and stuff.
itll help u get in better shape and it will warm u up..

or go to a store or like buger king or something..they probably have a really good heater and it will be warm inside. :)Health Question & Answer

best way is to get close to a warm person....
I get cold all the time, and the fastest and best
way i warm up is getting close to other peopleHealth Question & Answer

Do 10 pushups 10 situps then shake your arms toward the floor really hard and it forces blood into your hands. Then put your hands under your arm pits for 10 seconds, do like 50 jumping jacks and more push ups and sit upsHealth Question & Answer

Get a lot of blankets and cover your self up with like 5 layers of Blankets then turn off the Air in the house. You Should be warm by then. If not, Keep Searching on Yahoo Answers. Health Question & Answer

Drink something hot. Wear multiple blanket. If you don't you'll get sick or already is sick that's why you are felling that way.Health Question & Answer

exercising helps..or moving around,,Health Question & Answer

Hot shower and a warm cup of tea or hot chocolateHealth Question & Answer

Hot drinks, cup a soup, hot choco, green tea, exercise...

VICKS CHEST RUB!!Health Question & Answer

A long, hot bath.Health Question & Answer

Blow on your hands.Health Question & Answer

SIT ON MY LAP!!! jk but hot chocolate works.Health Question & Answer

drink somthing hot or maybe you have thin blood see your doctorHealth Question & Answer

sheets and hot cocoaHealth Question & Answer

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