Is my sleep postion strange? ?!

Question: Is my sleep postion strange.? .?
Im going into polysomnography... (study of sleep, sleep patterns, REMs) I know alot of sleep remedies, I have trouble sleeping myself. Anyways my sleep pattern its sort of the *free fall* sleep pattern. I sleep on my stomach with my arms straight underneath me its the only way my arms wont fall asleep any other way my arms fall asleep. I dont use a pillow either i use a blanket bunched up. If i do use a pillow its a very very flat pillow. I havent went into my occupation or studied much about it other then internet and web md facts. But i would love to know my own sleep patterns before studying others.. if you understand this at all please helpHealth Question & Answer

I lose feelings in my limbs when I sleep all the time. It could be your mattress. also, everyones posture is different, and their spinal growth affects which positions feel better, which cause pain. A good sleep position is hard to find, you never wake up in the position you fell asleep in, unless you have passed out drunk.Health Question & Answer

I say if you sleep well that way more power to ya. We all have our own niches for sleep. If you are comfortable and sleeping well keep doing it. I have slept very similar to that when I was in a cold room with no blankets or anything, it worked for sleeping well and deeply and for the most part kept me warm.Health Question & Answer

I sleep on my stomach but my arms are by my sides, or possibly one arm might be near my head. I used to sleep on one very flat pillow, but I have acid reflux so I found that it helps to use more pillows, so now I'm using 4 flat pillows (it isn't really that high up, though).Health Question & Answer

I think its 'different strokes for different folks'...whatever makes you go to sleep in the end is all that matters! I can only go to sleep by starting in a particular position....I sleep diagonally on the bed, sometimes sideways. I think who cares, so long as I get to sleep! Health Question & Answer

Why do you sleep like that.?
I start off on the side, but end up in the morning some weird position.
I suggest just laying down on your bed as you would on the floor.Health Question & Answer

lol that is the exact same way i sleep only i dont sleep on my arms so they wont fall asleep but to stay warm i also sleep with like 5 comforters... i get really coold.Health Question & Answer

i understand the bunched up blanket bit because a pillow can certainly crain the neck much more but all in all i think that is quite a normal sleeping position Health Question & Answer

Actually no, your not the only one who sleeps in that position..Health Question & Answer

i sleep the exact same way. so if you are strange so am i. but i don't think so.Health Question & Answer

I sleep doggy style.Health Question & Answer

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