How likely am I to grow taller?!

Question: How likely am I to grow taller.?
I'm 13, and 4'11''. I've always been very short. I heard somewhere most girls stop growing 2 years after their period...I got mine half a year ago. In my family my Dad is 5'9'' and my mom and sister (16) are 5'6''. Both my parents were both 4'10'' in 6th grade, and then grew to their height now in one year! But I'm in 8th. (My sis was tall always) Do you think I'm gonna get tall.? I've never had a growth spurt over 2 inches! Everyone says one summer I'm going to spurt up but I don't think so.Health Question & Answer


You're definitely still growing. The growth centers in your bones don't fuse up until you're about 16. So you will get taller..

Based on the info you gave, I'd say you'll be 5'4 to 5'5" overall, which is an Awesome height for a girl.

Drink lots of (skim) milk, eat good foods (vegetables, protein, etc.)- these make you taller during your growing years.

And gymnastics (girls) and weight-lifting at a young age (guys) stunts (slows) your growth.

Hope this helps!Health Question & Answer

Seriously, the human body is so unpredictable there's no way to really tell. 13 seems like pretty young to stop growing. I can't see why you would top out that young. I think you still got some growing to do.

And always remember you could have been born to giant people and be 6'3" and tower over all the guys in your class. That's no fun. Health Question & Answer

You will probably peak at 5'1 at 15 when girls usually stop growing.

Often there is no further growth 2 or 3 years after your first period.

Growth better than 5'1 is certainly possible but uncertain.Health Question & Answer

You'll still grow. I think you'll at least reach 5'1" or 5'2" easily. ;)Health Question & Answer

I had a growth spurt when I was 10 from 4'9" to 5'1" then at 14 5'4" to 5'8" so fun lol.Health Question & Answer

You heard right years after the on set of your period so you do have time!!Health Question & Answer

good things come from small packages xDHealth Question & Answer

im 12 an 5' 5" so... I dont think u will gro muchHealth Question & Answer

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