What REALLY is a headache.........?!

Question: What REALLY is a headache..........?
besides the sharp pain - :(Health Question & Answer

There is no blood vessels IN your brain. The vessels surround the brain. If your headache is a sharp pain, that is serious. There is what is called a blood-brain barrier. But, you have two reasons for a headache; too much blood which causes pressure or too little blood which causes a buildup of lactic acid. Sometimes, your blood pressure can be high and give you a dull throbbing headache. You could have low blood pressure headache, but you would experience other problems at the same time. The lactic acid cause by too little blood can eat through the blood-brain barrier and start eating up the brain. If it is too little blood, you may have a clot in the veins or arteries and it might be painful for a second or two and you'll just shut down. If you are experiencing sharp pain headaches, go to the Emergency Room of you local hospital and tell them that you have that.

To the person who is taking anti-inflammatories for gallstones, you got a doctor problem. Gallstones don't shrink and if the billiary tubes are swollen, that is some other problem. You can't take anti-inflammatories for very long.Health Question & Answer

the blood vessels in your head expand and squeeze your brain (i know it sounds dumb, but it seriously is true) or they contract and the web of vessels around your brain tightens and squeezes the brain. headaches suck. i get bad migraines. best cure: can of Coke and two Excedrin Migrain pills. all that caffeine will zap it.Health Question & Answer

Ryan W is exactly right. I take an anti-inflamatory for my Gall Stones, also when I have a headache I pop one. It works best with caffeine.Health Question & Answer

Let me introduce you to my ex-wife. In fact look it up in the dictionary and her picture is posted.Health Question & Answer

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