My doctor says i have astigmatism? what is that? ?!

Question: My doctor says i have astigmatism.? what is that.? .?
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Its when your eye is shaped like a football and the only thing you can do is get glasses or contacts.Health Question & Answer

here our sites about it and treatments and stuff: hope it helps

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Many people have astigmatism... it is the most common vision problem! Depending on the severity, you may not even need to do anything about it.

I've included a source that will tell you everything you need to know.

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Astigmatism is very common. It is caused by an asymmetric distortion of the eyeball. There is no cure, but corrective lenses can fix your eyesight.

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It's just where things look a bit out of focus; not really sharp and crisp and dark like they should look - especially printed things. It's a simple prescription for eyeglasses or contacts - not a big deal.Health Question & Answer

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