Diarrhea from food? or virus?!

Question: Diarrhea from food.? or virus.?
i ate at a buffet with my extended family yesterday. immediately following i had a stomach ache thinking from eating too much. my husband got diarrhea for an hour then done last night.
i've had it all day plus indigestion.
how much longer should i have this.? can i do anything.?
(we were the only 2 with problems)

pepto bismal has done nothing by the way.
i'll give 10 points.Health Question & Answer

It could be either food poisoning or a virus.

Keep hydrated by drinking about 6-8 oz. of gatorade each time you have a stool. Otherwise keep eating and drinking what you desire. Yogurt with live cultures is a good choice.

You can also take either a pro-biotic product or acidophilus tablets to replace the normal intestinal organisms.

Think of the diarrhea as the process by which your body rids itself of the germs you ate. When the diarrhea stops the germs are gone. Health Question & Answer

Probably not more than another day... Usually food borne illness such as this are bacteria not viruses. You'll just have to deal until your digestive tract rights itself. If you have a stomach for it try yogurt with live culture. Other wise Ammodium will be better than Pepto it's made to specifically to stop diarrhea. Don't forget to drink something to replace the fluids you're loosing. You don't want to end up dehydrated as well. Health Question & Answer

If you were the only two who are having problems, the diarrhea is probably from the food itself. Maybe you and your husband have a different typical diet than what the buffet served and the new food irritated your bowels. It should pass soon - keep hydrated by drinking lots of water.Health Question & Answer

If you were the only two who came down with symptoms and other people ate the same food, then it is probably something else. You could have a virus or a stomach born bacterial infection. It is best to check with your doctor. Diarrhea can become dangerous if dehydration occurs.Health Question & Answer

It could be food poison and you should go to the doctor, if it is worst and you don't get it checked out, things could get really bad.Health Question & Answer

i think u should give it a few days then see if anything works im surprised pepto usually works for things like this. u could have food poisoning but like i said give it a few and it continues see a doc hope i could helpHealth Question & Answer

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