Am i anemic?? ten points best answer =) ?!

Question: Am i anemic.?.? ten points best answer =) .?
i'm pretty sure im lacking iron in my body, because i bruise really easily. ex. i was playing volleyball and got a huge bruise on my hand just from playing and i wasn't even playin that hard. i get bruises when i dont know where they came from. also i get dizzy a lot and have headaches quite a bit. i look paler than usual and sleep quite a bit. not all day but when i get home from school most days i just lay down and sleep. then i go to bed again at night just fine, like 10. well i'm a teenager (13) so i guess thats normal but still.. and i dunno if this matters but im about 5 4 and 122 lbs.
anyone know if i'm anemic.? help please, thanks!Health Question & Answer

You are not going to want to hear this but I will say it anyway. Go to the doctor. Nobody on here can diagnose what is wrong with you, go and get checked out. Talk to your mum about your symptoms and go and get a proper medical opinion, please.Health Question & Answer

I'm not sure but, if I were you I would go see your family doctor and have a blood test done to determine if you are or aren't. The bruising could be lack of certain minerals such as ones found in veggies. The dizzy spells could be that your dehydrated. The sleep issue however, seem normal for your age.

Try to drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, and take iron Vitamins.Health Question & Answer

Bruising easily is not a sign of anemia, but of capillary fragility, often caused by a lack of Vitamin C.

While anemia can cause paleness of skin and gums, it can only be diagnosed by a blood test.Health Question & Answer

u are probably anemic but just to make sure, u should go to the DoctorHealth Question & Answer

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