Medically Endorsed Enrolled Nurse's?!

Question: Medically Endorsed Enrolled Nurse's.?
I am really worried how Enrolled Nurses- medically endorsed are now working in nursing homes, especially on nightshift, they cost less to employ, when a resident/client needs an S8 meds, they still cannot give it, as there is no Registered Nurse on duty! This is so wrong in my book, and Ethically wrong as it takes away the duty of care to a Resident/client....
If something should happen o/night, they are to ring the RN on call!
Doesn't a Nursing Home have to have Registered Nurse employed 24/7.?.?.?

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Legally yes they do.

Because an EN is ALWAYS to be supervised directly or indirectly by an RN. So if there is no RN who is then responsible for the EN if he/she stuffs up.?

But some Nursing Homes would try and get away with it.

There was actually a massive 'discussion' about this exact same topic at work just recently between Div 1's and Endorsed Div 2's.

I am an EEN in SA and a Endorsed Div 2 here in Victoria. Even the difference in the rules and regulations between these close states is huge.

It's just crazy.

PCA's can also give meds from a Webster Pack too. When did they study the effects of medications.? Contraindications.? Recations etc.?

ALTHOUGH PCA'S DO A GREAT JOB of care. I think it's too much to ask them to give meds.
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It's been a while since I worked in a nursing home but I believe that what is required on the night shift is an LPN (who then is licensed to give out medications) who oversees the nursing aids. I believe the laws might be different from state to state.

I'm afraid with the economic crunch, these nursing homes usually just work with what they need to. Is it unethical.? I can't comment on that since I work in a hospital with the same problems.Health Question & Answer

God that is a worry isn't it.?

I'm an RN in SA in a big hospital and that just astounds me! Never heard of that! And some of those Diploma EN's at my work need a LOT of superision with giving out meds, some stuff up all the time, don't order enough meds for the next shift,forget to sign, leave pills sitting on overways without actually supervising the patient take them, basically are a bit dodgy (but that's just a select few, I'm sure there are many more competent ones than incompetent ones)

What a worry - I'd hate to have a loved one in that nursing home.Health Question & Answer

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