How do I keep myself awake?!

Question: How do I keep myself awake.?
Hello, Im 14..
I've slept all day and can't go to sleep now..
After I've stayed up all night normally I fall asleep at about 1 or 2 in the afternoon.
But I really need to stay awake tomorrow..
How would I keep myself awake.?
Should I take Pro Plus when I feel really tired.?
Or take a cold bath or something
Just need some advice on keeping myself awake..

Thanks in advance.Health Question & Answer

Caffeine is a great way so practically anything from red bull to plain old sugar since there is caffeine in sugar. Just make sure you don't take too much.Health Question & Answer

Be uncomfortable it always works for me
Example, very cold, uncomfortable chairHealth Question & Answer

Go to a local convenience store, buy 5 red bulls, and rent the movie "no country for old men" and start sippin' and watching.Health Question & Answer

Stop messing up your sleep cycles, and sleep when you are SUPPOSED to---10 am to 6 am, roughly.Health Question & Answer

get some no doz niggguhhh!Health Question & Answer

if ur a girl, sex wakes u up. just play some dj diddlesHealth Question & Answer

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