Suddenly sick when smoking cigarettes?!

Question: Suddenly sick when smoking cigarettes.?
I've been smoking heavily for about half a year and have never had any problems with gagging or vomiting. I know smoking is bad for me, you don't need to tell me that. I'm not interested in quitting right now because I have some serious mental illnesses and cigarettes help to calm them, so please try to actually help me resolve this problem instead of being annoying like the majority of people on here.

I smoke marlbs, but recently all I had for a few weeks was newport lights, which made me very sick. now after a few weeks of smoking those i've gone back to my favorite marlbs and they also make me feel ill. I start gagging and after I gag my stomach gets very nautious and sometimes I vomit. no amout of nausia is making me quit, so please try to help me resolve this, or understand what may be happening.

i think maybe the switch from menthol and back might be the problem.? I'm not really sure. Help is appreciated.

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If it is not because of the change in cigarettes then it could be due to acidity. Smoking increases acidity and take some antacids like Gelusil or small cleaned ginger pieces with sugar.
If this nausea feeling is in the morning it is a confirmed case of acidity. Consume lot of water and avoid spicy, oily food. Health Question & Answer


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