What's so wrong with ecstasy?!

Question: What's so wrong with ecstasy.?
When you say "wrong" I guess you're really asking why not use it.?

It's a choice you have to make. For one thing, it's illegal, and you have to decide if the risk of getting tangled up in the legal system is worth the benefits you get from using it. That risk depends on how you get it and how you use it.

The second thing is that there is some evidence that it is neurotoxic. The evidence of neurotoxicty is controversial, but it's still something to think about. The main concern is long-term effects. There are even some who have said a single use is enough to increase the risk of long-term neurotoxicity.

Another problem is one associated with the fact that it's an illegal drug. Pharmaceutical companies get in trouble for contaminants in their medications or for bad side effects that weren't discovered until years after the drugs were on the market. When you use ecstasy, you're putting your faith in an illegal drug manufacturer. See the problem.?

There's a good Wikipedia article on it with some references: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylenedi...

In the end, it comes down to balancing the benefits and the risks for you. Our society is pretty hypocritical about the whole recreational drug thing. Look at alcohol and cigarettes; everyone knows how bad they are for you, but both are legal. Health Question & Answer

all i know is it kills mad brain cells and is addictive, and really f's u up. stick with potHealth Question & Answer

smoke potHealth Question & Answer

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