Is bubbly vomit normal?!

Question: Is bubbly vomit normal.?
I vomited about 5 minutes ago and it was like I'd swallowed a bottle of detergent. There was a lot of vomit, but yeah it was bubbly.

What would cause this.? Stomach acid.?

I'm still feeling really ill.Health Question & Answer

Bubbles in vomit is caused by the stomach acid which is turn causes fermentation. It's not an every day kind of thing, but it does happen when you combine certain things in your stomach.Health Question & Answer

Part is because of whatever you ate or drank - and part air and stomach acid. You could have a virus that is causing it as well -
Hope you feel better.Health Question & Answer

as long as it doesn't keep happening you will be fine, drink water it should help neutralize your stomach and will help to flush your systems out.
look on there is all sorts of good information on it. Health Question & Answer

go see a doctorHealth Question & Answer

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