I am only 4 feet; How can I grow up to 6 feet by October 15, 2009?!

Question: I am only 4 feet; How can I grow up to 6 feet by October 15, 2009.?
I just turned 13 this October and I don't feel like a teenager because of my height:( Health Question & Answer

Here are some tips:

--Drink about 4-5 cups of milk a day
--Drink 8 glasses of water a day
--Get AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep a day
--Eat lots of chicken (low in fat but HIGH in protein
--Eat red meats but in moderation
--Eat salmon ( omega 3)
--Eat lots of green vegetables
--STAY AWAY!!!!... from soy products, white breads, rice, and things with lots of caffeine (like coffee and chocolate)
--Low carb, low, sugar, low sodium, HIGH protein diet basically...

Exercises to do:
--Jump roping
--Hanging ( on chin up bar)
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sorry sweets... it may happen or it may take longer! but you'll get there! if not 6 feet, a decent height. (hey tom cruz isnt 6 feet is he.? :D)

you could try swimming, it supposedly helps a little in elongatingHealth Question & Answer

You are at the age of puberty and be it this year, next year or the year after will shoot up in height.

Don't worry, you've got the rest of your life to be tall!Health Question & Answer

2ft in a year seriously.? not gonna happen, not even with surgery, steroids, and a comic book dose of radiation. Eat good, exercise lots, and be happy with who you are. Health Question & Answer

don't worry im 4 foot as well ........................................... in the pants hahahahahaha lol Health Question & Answer

im 13 and also short. im exactly 5 feet. being 6 feet by next year is quite difficult, set a more realistic goal, maybe 5 feet.? eat a lot and exercise frequently.Health Question & Answer

Puberty will kick in soon and you will grow, not sure if you will get to that height butHealth Question & Answer

Eat a lot of food and give your body energy to grow taller.
And hope that puberty kicks in soon...Health Question & Answer

there is nothing that you can phsically do to make you grow faster but eat proberly so that growth stunting does not oocurHealth Question & Answer

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