What can I do to stop leg cramps? I get them all the time. Even if hydrated. I don't get it. ?!

Question: What can I do to stop leg cramps.? I get them all the time. Even if hydrated. I don't get it. .?
i get them at night or during the day. I have tried to hydrate more but still get them. I probably get a cramp at least twice in a week, usually in the legs, calf, quad or hammy. It doesn't matter. also if i work out I can almost be certain that a cramp will follow later in the day. Especially after a long bike ride, which isn't good cause I love to cycle.
Any suggestions.?Health Question & Answer

Common causes include dehydration, too much caffeine or too much booze as well as a deficiency of potassium (bananas), calcium (dairy products), magnesium (nuts) or vitamin B6 (dairy products).Health Question & Answer

Potassium in bananas or in Maca powder which can be bought in health food stores and added to your protein shake. also make sure you are getting a bit of magnesium and enough calcium with Vitamin D. Overdoing a workout will cause me to suffer from leg cramps too. Probably I don't metabolize the minerals I need as well now that I am in my 50s. I would not take aspirin or Alieve, but I take 2 capsules of bromelain after a vigorous workout. It's a natural anti-inflammatory made form pineapple extract. Stretching before and after your workout or bike ride is really very important, as someone else mentioned.Health Question & Answer

Too much water will flush much needed potassium from your system, don't get me wrong water is great for the body. But you should be adding foods high in potassium, such as bananas, tomatoes, and you can buy potassium over the counter. On days you work out, increase your potassium with foods high in it. Hope this helps.Health Question & Answer

BANANAS!!!Health Question & Answer

try eating more potassium....(banannas) or try taking an anti-inflammatory like aleve......it always help my b/fHealth Question & Answer

always warm up ur muscles before exercising and eat lots of bananasHealth Question & Answer

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