Does snorting cocaine cause you to snore?!

Question: Does snorting cocaine cause you to snore.?
I have a friend who snorts cocaine and their snoring is terrible. Is it linked to the cocaine abuse.?Health Question & Answer

It might be related. Snorting a lot of coke can lead to a deviated septum, which results in terrible snoring. Have you seen The Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller.?...same thing that his wife had.Health Question & Answer

not necessarily.

unless your friend uses it.. ALOT.
i mean, at least two times a week.

then it could cause problems with the nose.
but it's unlikely.Health Question & Answer

probably not as it is a carcinogen and that normally aids sleep (when you finally get there as cocain also keeps you active, but soon his nose will fall off so then he cant snoreHealth Question & Answer

Probably not, but their nose will eventually collapse due to the destruction of the septum.

Health Question & Answer

Yup.Health Question & Answer

thats why my husband snores so loud he is on cocaine know i now lol Health Question & Answer

no its more to do with weight and comfort.Health Question & Answer

HELL YESHealth Question & Answer

noHealth Question & Answer

i doubt itHealth Question & Answer

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