Why can't you have surgery while....?!

Question: Why can't you have surgery while.....?
you have sinus infection or a cold.?

I want to know! =)Health Question & Answer

The infection can move from that localized area of your body into the area they are doing surgery. Then they suture you up and that organism is sitting inside your wound and you have a very high chance of getting an infection. With all of the super infections out these days- MRSA etc... it's not recommeded. Not only that but your body also has a weakeneded immune system due to the body trying to fight off that infection and if you do get an infection and you need to heal your body will be too weak from fighting off the sinus infection or cold that it won't be able to successfully respond to heal the wound or infection in the surgical site.Health Question & Answer

u can we just dont want to do elective ie non emergency surgery if u are sick as it increases ur risks including of dying so better to wait until ur 100%Health Question & Answer

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