Do I Have a Photographic Memory? HELP!!?!

Question: Do I Have a Photographic Memory.? HELP!!.?
Ok, so every since I was little I've had a great memory, I text on my phone all the time when I go to bed I usually go through them in my head, when I cook I can recall I recipe I made 1-2 months before (only looking at the recipe once), my family loves to read I can look at the cover/name of a book and tell them if they have read it or not, I remember faces, names, birthdays, favorite colors, etc. stuff like that.....

Do you think I have a photographic memory.? PLEASE HELP!
Thanks. Will pick Best Answer.Health Question & Answer

Really only you know one way or the other if you do. There is some debate in the psychological community about whether or not eidetic (photographic) memory is a myth or a reality...I don't have the qualifications to say one way or the other.Health Question & Answer

we all have a photographic memory, some just dont have the filmHealth Question & Answer

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