My wife says I sneeze too loud- is it possible to make it quieter?!

Question: My wife says I sneeze too loud- is it possible to make it quieter.?
When I sneeze, it really is loud. And I sneeze about 15-20 times a day! Is there any way to control the sneeze a bit.? Even putting my hand over my mouth doesn't help. Maybe like tantric sneezing.?Health Question & Answer

go buy a pillow, and grab it whenever you sneeze. or just sneeze deep into your elbow.

im the same way, its because we sneeze out of our mouths instead of our noses, its like a habit. its also why you sneeze so much, because whatever is irritating your nose doesnt get expelled when you sneeze out of your mouth.Health Question & Answer

If you don't find out why you sneeze so much you may have a greater problem on your hands and wish you had found out. But then, you may know and not care. Health Question & Answer

Not without blowing a brain vessleHealth Question & Answer

Buy her some earplugsHealth Question & Answer

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